Ages:    2-5 years

At Lakeside Academy, our Christian-based preschool program begins at age 2 and continues until kindergarten.

During these critical and formative years, there are many windows of opportunity for children to naturally absorb information that later may be difficult to instill.

It is our passion and privilege  to rise to this occasion by providing an exceptional and enriching preschool experience for our students that focuses on a “whole-child” approach.

We emphasize areas of academic, developmental, social and emotional education by incorporating these standards into fun and meaningful monthly themes that the children enjoy.

Throughout the school year, we use standardized testing in Pre-K and Kindergarten, to assess our students to see if there are any areas that need special attention. 


Our day at school: Learn Grow Explore Discover Create Experience-That’s a job for a kid!

Take a look at a sample schedule to see what we’re up to!

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