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2008-04-07-00.31.59-300x225To us, this is what being a kid is all about!  At Lakeside Academy, we have made it our mission to weave these vital threads into the canvas that is our program. And with so many opportunities to incorporate these elements into the classroom and playground, it’s easy to be creative and have fun with it! From table skill activities to circle time songs, our program is geared to take our students on an unforgettable journey while laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning. When learning is fun, children love learning!  


Toddlers learn about their world through movement, muscle coordination and sensory stimulation.

Our caring teachers accommodate these needs by providing a classroom and playground environment that allows our toddlers a safe place to roam, roll, jump and climb.

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At Lakeside Academy, our Christian-based preschool program begins at age 2 and continues until kindergarten.

During these critical and formative years, there are many windows of opportunity for children to naturally absorb information that later may be difficult to instill.

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